Larisa HickenMy Story

In 2005, I built my first website in order to operate an online store, but I quickly tired of shipping products and fell in love with the photography and web design. I transitioned into designing digital scrapbook kits which were available in several online scrapbook stores and then moved into web design in 2011. I've been creating websites and other graphic designs as a freelancer for most of that time, but I also worked as a project manager and design team lead at BnBwebsites for a few years.

About Me

Originally from the Portland, Oregon area, I now reside in Spanish Fork, Utah with my husband and children. I graduated in 2000 from Brigham Young University. I truly enjoy the process of working with my clients to find a design that fits their needs and building something not only beautiful but also functional.

I enjoy nearly every aspect of art, including drawing and painting, photography, creative writing, theater arts, music, singing, and dance. My finest creations are my four children who range in age from 9 to 16. I try to instill a passion for art in each of them and it's been fun watching them gain an appreciation for many of my own favorite artistic mediums.

You can see examples of my work by visiting my portfolio page. Please contact me if you have a project in mind. I would be happy to discuss strategies for building your business.

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